Meet the Grills

The Woodshow Broiler, J & R Manufacturing – Mesquite, Texas.

The Montague Charcoal Broiler, Montague – Hayward, California

Mt. St. Helens Shallow-Box Charbroiler, Woodstone – Bellingham, Washington

“Big Red,” a Woodshow Broiler from Texas’ J&R Manufacturing, is Back Deck’s biggest grill and the kitchen’s workhorse. A wheel on the side of the grill raises and lowers the heavy cast-iron grate over the fire, allowing for nuanced control of cooking temperatures “Monty” is a Charcoal Broiler from Montague, a California company that’s been making top-quality grills for more than 150 years. A French-style grill featuring an enclosed cooking area and a roll-top hood, the Montague works like a charcoal-fueled oven—perfect for “low and slow” cooked items like half chicken cooked under a brick. “Nelly” is a Mount St. Helens Shallow-Box Charbroiler from Washington State’s Woodstone. Named after one of owner Brad Fredericks’ daughters, this is the professional version of the charcoal grill found on patios everywhere with an additional shallow firebox for coal or wood-fired cooking.